95% market share tells our story. We are dedicated to innovating and simplifying the real estate agent tools, enabling our clients to improve and develop their business performance. Making our collaboration a fruitful partnership.


Accountability, trustworthiness and being present

Accountability, trustworthiness and being present are three keywords that mean everything to us. Keywords that actually also describe our partnership with Mindworking. Mindworking has given us several solutions and tools that has enabled us to improve our business, and thus we have great trust in the future partnership - no doubt of that.

Christian M. Andersen, CEO


We signed up with Mindworking in 2015 as we needed a competent partner in our ambition to remain one of the most innovative real estate chains in Denmark. Their total concept marketing tool has not only increased our efficiency & productivity – saving us valuable time – their dedication to us has been outstanding.
Our only regret - we should have initiated this partnership a lot sooner.

Uffe Drejer, CEO

Kahdeksas Päivä is one of the leading real estate agencies in Helsinki and we love to do things differently. Mindworking has helped us to become and stay first movers in our market.
It is a partnership, not just a smart solution, that liberates time for our employees and creates value for our property salesforce, and for our customers.

Jussi Karppinen, CEO

With Mindworking:
Work smarter, not harder

Mindworking is our preferred IT marketing solution partner. Their innovation and dedication have taught us how to work smarter and not harder. Their way to deliver simplified solutions and their great insight in our business, have enabled us to reduce our costs and compete at higher levels.

Preben Merrild Angelo, CEO